Photo Contest

Do you have a great pareidolia photo? Submit it to our monthly contest! The winner each month will receive a free signed copy of the book! See below for contest rules.

Submit your photo to:



Contest Rules

1. Prize for the best photo will be a signed copy of the book: Pareidolia -- Seeing Faces in Unusual Places.
2. Contest will run from the first of the month to the end of the month.
3. Available to United States Residents only at this time.
3. Submit your photo any time during the month.
4. Photo must be an original, taken by you.
5. One photo per entry; one entry per person per month.
6. A new contest will begin on the first of every month.
7. The winner will be notified within the first week following the month of the contest. If the winner does not respond with in 7 days, the runner-up will be contacted.

Photo Tips

1. Email a high resolution copy, or the original version of the photo. Photos sized at least 1000 pixels on the smallest side are preferred.
2. Avoid cropping too tightly -- We found that some room around the face, essentially framing it, helps contextualize and make the face easier to see. 
3. Sometimes adding a bit of contrast and/or brightness to the photo will accentuate the face and make it "pop".
4. You don't need a fancy camera. A well-lit subject and bright, clear and in-focus photo from your mobile phone is all you need.




Winner of July 2022 photo contest:


Hank R.

Winner of June 2022 photo contest:



Winner of May 2022 photo contest:


Diane C.

Winner of Apr. 2022 photo contest:


Robert W.



Winner of Mar. 2022 photo contest:




Winner of Feb. 2022 photo contest:




Winner of Jan. 2022 photo contest:

Chris D.


Winner of Dec. 2021 photo contest:

Bob Best




Winner of Nov. 2021 photo contest:




Winner of Oct. 2021 photo contest:

Abid R.



Winner of Sept. 2021 photo contest:

Jay S.